How much do you know about China and what do you think about its culture? Now follow my steps, and we will take you though the diverse Chinese culture that only the most essential and crucial cultural dos and don'ts are listed as following:

  • Don't be surprised if a stranger asks about your age, marital status and your parents’ jobs

  • Don't refuse an invitation when you're asked to lunch or dinner as this will cause your host to lose face. Rather reschedule if you have to.

  • Don't criticise Chinese food and culture when eating out with local people. Rather focus on the good points.

  • Do realise that Chinese concepts of personal space and privacy are different. The local shop assistant will follow their customers around and teachers sometimes look at their students’ notes. Not to mention the massive crowds in some cities.

  • Do be tolerant when people spit in public places. Foreigners might be shocked or disgusted when they first notice it, but this is a Chinese cultural habit.

  • Do spend time in parks. Chinese people spend a lot of their time in city parks, singing or dancing together. 

These cultural shocks do not necessarily reflect China as a whole, however it will give you insight into the culture. We hope you learned something new and be ready for a journey of mysterious China.


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