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Our hiring process

1 Initial consultation 

     We will schedule an initial consultation session with you to help us understand your expectations and go over some of the requirements of our schools. 

2 Screening 

     We will have a pre-secreening of candidates before referring you. Only those candidates who meet with our expectations and school requirements will be considered. 

3 Interview 

     A video interview via Skype will be arranged at a mutually convenient time. You are free to hold individual interviews on Wechat, whichever suits you best. 

4 Job offer

     After you receive a job offer from one of our schools you aren't on your own. We are always here to assist you with questions you may have in your early transition. Note that quarterly teacher evaluations will also be part of helping you and providing you with constructive feedback. Most of our new teachers find it helps them make the transition to teaching success in China easier. 


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